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Keeping yourself safe at an event

Pre Secure have carried out the security for a number of events around Zambia and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of what happens when crowds of people get together in one place. Events can be great fun and we encourage people to go along to them, however following our tips below will help ensure you have a safe, positive experience.

Clean out your purse or wallet being going

Think about what is in your purse or wallet before you leave the house and go to the event. We all accumulate cards and other items we use once in a while when going about our daily business, but think about whether you need all these extra items. Multiple banks cards, NRC’s, driving licenses or store cards may be extra items that are not only unnecessary for the event and difficult to replace should they go missing. Remember, you can also get bank certified copies.

Do not bring valuables to leave in your car

If you do not have to bring something, then don't. If you must bring valuable items then ensure they are hidden out of site. Do not assume leaving them in a bag on a back seat is ‘out of site’. Hide them under the seats or in the boot. See our ‘keeping your car safe’ blog for more details.

Do you need your smart phone?

Think about purchasing an additional emergency phone that is unlocked. This is a less attractive proposition for a thief to steel. Also, don’t forget to keep your mobile charged so that you can communicate at all times. Check if there are onsite recharging facilities when you arrive at an event or consider investing in a power bank (equally make sure this is charged).

Have an agreed place to meet if you end up splitting up

It’s always a good idea to agree where your group will meet at certain times of the day, just in case someone loses their phone, has it stolen or the batteries die and they can’t be contacted.

Never leave your drink unattended

Even soft drinks can be spiked with drugs or alcohol. Get a friend to hold your drink if you need to use both hands or finish your drink before heading off somewhere else. Be mindful of your drink in crowded places.

Keep an eye on your friends and avoid trouble

Make sure your friends are ok. If you have a friend whose behaviour or attitude (drunk or sober) attracts trouble, pick a good time and have a word with them. If violence or trouble kicks off, make sure you keep yourself clear so as not to get dragged into, or associated with, the trouble.

If you are in the sun all day, consider dehydration

Dehydration occurs when the normal water content of your body is reduced. If you are thirsty, you're already likely to be suffering from the effects of dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Follow security instructions

Security is there to help keep you and your belongings safe. Follow the car parking instructions given by the guards. If you decide to ‘make a plan’ and park wherever you fancy, the chance of your car being safe is significantly reduced. Keep your distance from any security dogs and be polite and respectful to the guards - you never know when you might need their help.

Never assume it won’t happen to you

Even though the risks are small, they are there. Don’t be paranoid about your security, but be sure not to take any unnecessary chances with your safety.

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