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About Pre Secure

Our business approach and values

Pre secure is one of Zambia's oldest security companies, operating since 1972. Over these 50 years, we have build up a reputation as one of the most tried and trusted companies on the market. Since adopting a change of management in 2016, Pre Secure has been driving hard to build on its past successes and continue to position the business as the preferred choice in security in Zambia. 

We have built a company that is able to provide a full range of security services and hold ourselves to a standard that ensures each service we offer is at a level you as a customer should expect when it comes to security. 


Pre Secure follows a set of strong values which we believe set us apart from out competition. Our principles include:

  • Guards are always paid on time and receive well above the industry standard

  • Run a financially stable and responsible business 

  • Staff wellfare and working conditions are key in every business decision

  • Look after our clients and they will look after us

  • Invest in the equipment an training required to allow our officers to carry out their duties effectively and safely

  • Have open vertical communication and reporting channels between guards and management

  • Hold customer service is at the core of our business. We believe no amount of marketing can make up for a fundamentally bad service. 

  • Hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work carried out

  • Thoroughly investigate any issues which occur while our officers are deployed on duty or respond to an incident

  • Follow up on customer enquiries promptly 

The above are just some guiding principles that we believe separate us from the competition. If you would like to know more about our business, download our full company profile here. For a more specific report that is tailored to your business, or if you would like to start a business relationship with us, please get in touch. 

Ronnel Armengol 

Director ​of R&G events

"Pre Secure are an absolute pleasure to work with. The professionalism and enthusiasm they bring to each job is the best we’ve seen. Each employee, at all levels, commits 100% to the job they’ve been assigned as well as going above and beyond to provide the best security possible. Having worked successfully with the Pre Secure team at both the Stanbic Music Festival 2017 and the R&G|OKTOBERFEST 2017, we very much look forward to engaging them for future events."

Zlatan Arnautovic 

Manager Transport Logistics and

Security for SARO

It gives me great pleasure to state on behalf of SARO Argo Industrial Ltd that we can only express our satisfaction with Pre Secure's performance, the attitude of its personnel and their efficiency throughout all the years we have dealt with them.

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