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Security Services

Invest in the right security the first time round with Pre Secure security services​

Serving homes and business around Lusaka for over 45 years means we have had the time to perfect our security services. By combining our rich experience and heritage with fresh, new management techniques, we are able to completely separate ourselves from the competition. We drive a standard of quality and service delivery that not only we as company can be proud of, but you as a client should demand. For more information about our policies, our progressive management, staff well-fair and an overall insight into how we are changing the security industry goalposts in Zambia, download our company profile here.

How do we deliver? 

A combination of consultation, training, site instructions and hands on management ensures that our security services are delivered to the highest standard. We pay great attention to the wellfair of our employees and strive for culture where by all staff, from recruit to top management, are all valued, empowered and invested in. As the client, we listen to all your requirements​ and use our experience to ensure that not only your specific needs are met, but you are advised on further key areas that may be required to ensure your security solution is at its most effective. 

Manned Guarding


Basic Guarding


Pre Secure guards are ideal when you want a physical presence to protect your home or business or enforce procedures within commercial activities. Pre Secure guards go through an extensive in house training and assessment program to ensure they maintain a high level of professionalism and carry out their duties to the highest standards.


We recognise that on site instruction and familiarisation is key when you want to drive the effectiveness of a guard. Asa result, we always deploy our officers with duty instructions, no matter how simple, to help maintain motivation and direction. Pre Secure are able to offer a range of guarding solution, trained to suit your specific needs. 


Armed Guarding

Armed guards are deployed when an enhanced level of security is needed to protect your home or business. Pre Secure armed guards act as a further deterrent to criminals and can be used to protect vulnerable or high value sites.


Pre Secure Armed guards go through the same initial training as our fixed guards before receiving additional advanced training in weapons handling and first aid, ensuring they are capable of carrying out their duty to the highest standard. 



Dog section

Guard dogs dominate large open areas of ground, and are a serious deterrent to would be intruders. Dog Handlers must have worked in our general duties guard force for at least two years before they are eligible to apply for the role.


Those that are successful in passing the course continue to receive refresher training throughout their career. Our dog master runs a daily program that ensures our dogs are trained, exercised and cared for. The welfare of these working animals is his number one priority. 


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Protection Services

Protection & Escort Services

Pre Secure specialise in both VIP and high value goods protection and escort.  

The aim of our specialist protection unit is to ensure the safety of persons and goods which may be under a general or specific threat. Operating country wide, we are able to mitigate the risk of targeted threats, hijacking and kidnapping while ensuring VIP's avoid danger flash points through a network of live situational monitoring and intelligence gathering.

Through preliminary consultation, we are able to provide a customised package that is tailored towards the needs of the client and the assessed threat level. 

Our close ties with law enforcement, the high standard of our protection officers training and equipment, our live risk monitoring and advanced planning make our unit the preferred choice for protection and escort services through the country.

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Events management

Event Security Management

As an event organiser, you want your main focus to be making sure the event is running smoothly, not worrying about the security. By combining the resources of a number of our departments, Pre Secure are able to provide a full range of security capabilities to secure your event, no matter the size. Pre Secure are regularly trusted and contracted by R&G events, Stanbic Bank, Agritech and private individuals to provide a specialised security solution tailored to safeguard your event. Specialist areas include:

  • Car Park management 

  • Perimeter security

  • Crowd barrier separation and access control

  • Artist & VIP protection services 

  • Entrance and exit security

  • Crowd management and public order maintenance

  • Security searching

Pre Secure provide experienced management as standard to all events to ensure that the security solution is flexible and can adapt to the inevitable changes which occur thought the course of an event. Our pre deployment surveys to all sites ensure the the package you are offered has been tailored to your specific needs. 

Contact us to arrange a meeting and have piece of mind that your events security is in the hands of professionals. 

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Consulting & projects

Project Consulting And Execution

Whether you run a distribution network, a mine or are planning a new construction, if your project requires a more complex security solution then Pre Secure can build you a solution.  Pre Secure are able to develop integrated solutions combining a number of technological, engineered and manned systems. We understand how time and resources intensive running large operations can be and that having to dedicate high levels of these limited resources to security can be a real barrier to progression.  Remove this worry and let the experts handle your security, giving you more time to focus on the next steps. 

  • Processes implementation and enforcement

  • Procedure write up

  • Security solution proposals

  • Large scale project security

  • High value asset protection

  • Coordination of different agencies

Get in touch with us to see how Pre Secure security can add value to your business operation.

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