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Give yourself peace of mind with Pre Secure's technical security solutions

Pre Secure is able to provide a range of technical security solutions which can either be used as stand alone systems or combined to work seamlessly with alarms, response and guarding services. Our CCTV, access control and electric fencing can be customised to your individual needs and budget. Trained to cater for both commercial and private projects, our team is on hand to guide you through every step of the process to ensure a fast, concise and customised technical security solution​.


Looking to service and existing system?


Your technical security solution plays an important role in your overall security. Our technical team is on hand to make sure your system is working to its full potential. Simply contact us to book a pre service survey.

Why use Pre Secure?​​

Strong technical experience and training 

Excellent post installation customer care

Fully comprehensive post installation handover 

Full industrial, commercial and residential capabilities

High installation quality control standards


CCTV offers you a flexible range of security capabilities; whether you want to monitor who comes in and out of your property or maintain an overview of commercial activities in warehouses, we provide a range of CCTV solutions to suit your needs. 

Our CCTV can be used for live-time monitoring of activities or for playback to gather information following an incident. Pre Secure is able to provide a range of additional functionality, including:

  • Remote viewing

  • Full integration into your alarm system

  • Customer facing monitors

  • Motion triggered recording

  • Long duration recording

  • Full commercial and industrial set ups

  • Split back up recording

Our technical team will guide you through every step of the process, from enquiry to installation. This is followed by excellent post installation customer care. 

CCTV Solutions

Access control

Access Solutions

Pre Secure access control allows you to restrict who has access to all or certain areas of your business, while offering minimal inconvenience. Pre Secure are able to provide a range of access control solutions depending on you individual requirements.

Our technical team are able to provide everything from basic single door systems right up to complex, multi door and multifunctional fully integrated commercial solutions. Whether you want an entry level system or one that can provide a detailed record of people's movements throughout your site, our team will consult you on your requirements and guide you through the whole process. This ensures you are provided with the best security solution at a highly competitive price. 

Pre Secure access systems can operate using either:

  • Code

  • Biometric

  • Tagging

  • Photo ID card reading

Secure your property today with Pre Secure access control and feel confidant only the right people are getting through. 

Integrated solutions

Integrated Solutions and Smart Home

All to often, technological security solutions are siloed. This simply means that they work independently of each other, both in terms of processes and programming. Pre Secure are able to integrate access control, alarms, lighting, CCTV and other security solutions in both a technical and process set up to provide the end user with much more effective and powerful overall solution. We allow you to get more out of your systems by helping all your different systems support each other. 


For example, we can allow your CCTV to be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world. We can then connect your electric gate and intercom system to your alarm system, which in turn we connect to the wireless modem in your house. When somebody rings your intercom, you can see who they are, speak to them, chose to open your gate and even disarm your alarm and turn your lights on - all from a phone or tablet while the other side of the world. 


Our technical team can do an assessment of your existing systems or advise you what needs to be added in order to provide you with a multifunctional integrated system that can be accessed and controlled through a variety of planforms.

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