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Alarms, panic and Response

Give yourself peace of mind with Lusaka's strongest response service. 

Pre Secure alarms and response holds a wealth of experience in securing both businesses and homes throughout Lusaka. We follow strict quality control standards to ensure the customer is always provided with a fast, concise and customised security solution that has been tailored to best match your needs and budget. Having Pre Secure on standby means you can spend less time worrying about your security, and more time focusing on the things that matter to you.

How does it work? 

Whenever you press your panic button or an alarm sensor in your property picks up movement, a signal is sent to our control room. As soon as this signal is received, our control room immediately dispatch the nearest Armed Response vehicle to your property. The response team will arrive, verify the cause of the signal and ensure all occupants and property are safe and secure. 

Full Alarm Systems

A full alarm system works by having our specialised technicians install a range of motion sensors throughout your premises. Should somebody break in while the alarm is armed, these sensors will detect movement, triggering the alarm and Pre Secure response.

They are not only an excellent way of protecting your premises from intruders, both while you are home and away, but can also offer a range of extra features, such as:

  • Remote arm and disarm

  • SMS alerts & open / close reporting

  • Restricted time access

  • Multiple user codes

  • IP connectivity to mobile applications


Before technicians can install the system, a survey must be conducted by our professional sales team to ensure any alarm system we install meets your needs.

Our alarm systems are easy to use and we always ensure you are confident with how the system works and how to operate it. We provide excellent post installation customer care to ensure you get the most out of your alarm system. 

Full alarm systems come at a one off installation cost, followed by a monthly monitoring fee for response as outlined below.

Alarm system
Full Alarm system
Panic Buttons

Panic Systems

Panic buttons are an excellent way of ensuring the safety of you and your family at home by offering a simple to use, victim operated alarm system. They give you full access to the Pre Secure response fleet at an affordable monthly rate.


Our technicians can install fixed or remote panic buttons in your home or business in less that 90 minutes. Once installed, if at any time you require 24 hour emergency security assistance, simply press one of the buttons mounted on your wall and our Armed Response team will immediately be dispatched to your property.

Upon arrival, our team will secure your premises and ensure the safety of the occupant. This means, should you find yourself a victim of crime in your own home, help is just a few minutes away.


This system comes with a once of installation fee, followed by a monthly monitoring fee for the response service. Part of our installation process is to always ensure you are confident in how the system works and how to operate it, as well as provide expert post purchase customer care.

Panic button lusaka

Armed Response

A response service is there to help you when you really need it the most, so why settle for anything less than Pre Secure Armed Response?

Pre Secure operates a fleet of modern vehicles positioned strategically at key points throughout Lusaka, capable of responding quickly when you are in need of assistance. They are crewed by highly trained and professional armed response teams who go through a rigorous training and assessment program to ensure they meet the standards required to carry out their duty.


Beyond their training and equipment, what really separates our teams from the rest is their community engagement. Our teams play an active role in reducing crime in an area and engage with our clients on a one to one basis. We believe this installs the confidence the client should have in a response service. 

Response can be linked to either our full alarm or panic systems, outlined above. We are also able to link our response service to your existing system in under an hour, following a survey by one of our technicians.

Give yourself peace of mind with Pre Secure Armed Response.

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