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Top tips to secure your property

Security is all about building layers of deterrence and many people will not think too much about their security until it is too late. Taking steps to deter potential intruders from your property will help keep you, your family and your belongings safe. Follow our simple 10 step check list to ensure your property isn't an attractive target for opportunistic theft.

Ensure your property has ample lighting

It may seem obvious, but organised and opportunistic theft is encouraged by the cover of darkness. Simply adding an outside light (or turning on existing ones) by possible entry areas makes your home safer and prevents thieves from being able to spend time trying to break in. For added security, keep foliage around the doors and windows trimmed.

Do not leave valuable items close to windows, even with burglar bars

While burglar bars make it difficult to gain access into the property itself, they do not prevent criminals from reaching in and grabbing items close to the window. Take extra care with lighter items such as keys, Jewellery and wallets as these can be hooked through the window from a few meters away.

Lock your roller gate if you are away for a long time

When not locked, the motor itself is the only thing that prevents your gate from being rolled open. Roller gates can be lifted off the gate motor and slid back. If you are going out for a long period, be sure to place a padlock on your gate to prevent this from happening.

Could someone get over your perimeter wall if they wanted?

At a quick glance, most electric and razor wire fences look impenetrable. Look closely however, and you may find some weak points. Remember that a fence is only as strong as its weakest point. If you look round the whole perimeter wall, paying attention to pillars and corners, does there look to be a way in and out?

Chose the right security company

Ask: Do they have a strong brand to act as a deterrent? Where is their nearest response vehicle? How is their staff welfare and pay? What is the condition of the vehicles they drive? Who are their existing clients? Does their service include extras such as medical cover?

These questions are often skipped when choosing who to go with. Take time to do your research. Should the worst happen, you want to be sure the very best are on hand to come to your assistance.

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