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Pre Secure will soon hold exclusive distribution rights for Xpanda in Zambia. Xpanda doors are manufactured in South Africa and soon to be assembled to your specifications by our engineering department in Lusaka. Xpanda doors are made using high quality galvanised steel or aircraft grade aluminium and are built to pass 'break in tests' as specified by the South African Insurance Association,  a level of protection beyond the standard of many competitors on the market. We will be stocking the T-max and the X-Door from March 2017. If you require an Xpanda before March, then please get in contact. 


The T-Max is a sliding security door from Xpanda, available in both steel and aircraft grade aluminium. The T-Max provides maximum security for residential and commercial properties, offering a top and bottom Slamlock that provides both convenience and rapid security in an emergency. The T-Max takes up between 20 and 25% of the door frame when open, making it ideal for larger openings.

  • The solid steel / aluminium infill secures all the uprights for maximum strength

  • Glass filled nylon rollers ensure strength & easy operation

  • Comes standard with a tamperproof double slamlock for quick protection

  • Low profile anti-trip bottom track

  • High tensile rivets used in the construction

Coming March 2017




The X-Door is an affordable trellis door for both door and window applications, available in both steel and aircraft grade aluminium. The X-Door provides an economical retractable gate that is ideal for basic security and indoor applications. It's compact design when open makes it ideal for smaller openings and its Slamlock provides both convenience as well as rapid security in an emergency.

  • Low profile anti-trip bottom tack

  • Fastens on all 4 sides creating a fully framed barrier

  • Constructed from 12mm square double vertical uprights for strength and flexibility

  • Glass filled nylon rollers ensure strength and easy operation

  • Comes standard with a tamperproof double Slamlock for quick protection

Coming March 2017

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