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For engineering that's designed around security, look no further

Pre Secure engineering was started to provide combine traditional engineering skills with specialist security knowledge  

How does it work? 

Whenever you press your panic button or an alarm sensor in your property picks up movement, a signal is sent to our control room. As soon as this signal is received, our control room immediately dispatch the nearest Armed Response vehicle to your property. The response team will arrive, verify the cause of the signal and ensure all occupants and property are safe and secure. 

Full Alarm system

Xpanda Range

Alarm system


Xpanda doors are 



X door

Burglar bars


Panic Buttons

Barriers and gate access

Pre Secure engineering are able to install a number of automated physical access control barriors including centurion products and boom gate. Whether you are looking for a simple automatic gate opener for your home or a fully measures commercial access control system, our engineering department can deliver a high quality finished product that has been build and installed to last. 

All access control systems can either be integrated with our manned security solutions or linked to a range of remote technical systems. Both options allow for quick, reliable and hassle free access to your premasis while maintainig the required scurity. For more information about how these fixed systems can be integrated into your existing **, see our integration


Razor wire fencing

Razor fencing acts as the first line of defence against potential intruders

Electric fencing

Your perimeter wall is your first line of defence, but it is only as strong as it's weakest point. Ensure it is most effective by having a professionally installed and serviced electric fence.


Electric fences act as both a deterrent and an early warning system for any potential intruders attempting to gain access to your home and business.


Pre Secure have a wealth of experience in fitting electric fences at both residential and commercial sites. By choosing Pre Secure to install your electric fence, you ensure the end product is not only finished to a high installation standard, but that our pre installation security survey ensured you have complete coverage of your perimeter. 

Your fence can either be used as a standalone system or linked to our response service, detailed here

Contact us to book a pre installation survey and quote.

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